6 Advantages of Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The birth of bitcoin in 2009 opened the door to investment opportunities in an entirely new type of asset class – cryptocurrency. Many entered space early.
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Intrigued by the huge potential of these fledgling but promising assets, they bought cryptos at bargain prices. As a result, they became millionaires / millionaires in the bull run of 2017. Even those who didn’t have much made decent returns.

Three years later cryptocurrencies are still profitable, and the market is here to stay. You may already be an investor/trader or thinking of trying your luck. In both cases, it makes sense to know the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency has a bright future

According to a report called Imagine 2030 published by Deutsche Bank, credit and debit cards will become obsolete. They will be replaced by smartphones and other electronic devices.
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Cryptocurrencies will no longer be seen as outcasts, but as an alternative to existing monetary systems. Their benefits such as security, speed, minimal transaction fees, ease of storage and their importance in the digital age will be recognised.
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Clear regulatory guidelines would popularize cryptocurrencies and encourage their adoption. The report predicts that there will be 200 million cryptocurrency wallet users by 2030, and nearly 350 million by 2035.

An opportunity to be part of a growing community
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#IndiaWantsCrypto by WazirX 600 days campaign just finished. It has become a massive movement to support cryptocurrencies and blockchain in India.

Also, the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning the RBI’s ban on crypto banking from 2018 has sparked a new confidence among bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors in India.
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The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Report also highlights people’s increased faith in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. According to the findings, 73% of Indians trust cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 60% say the impact of cryptocurrency/blockchain will be positive.

As a cryptocurrency investor, you will be part of a growing and thriving community.

Increase your earning potential

Diversification is a fundamental rule of investing. Especially in these times when most assets have suffered heavy losses due to economic difficulties driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.
While Bitcoin investment has returned 26% year-to-date, gold has returned 16%. Many other cryptocurrencies have recorded triple-digit ROIs. We all know that stock markets have had bad returns. Crude oil prices fell below 0 in April.
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Including bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in your portfolio would protect the value of your fund in the uncertain conditions of the global market. This fact was also surprised by billionaire macro hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones when he announced his intention to invest in Bitcoin a month back.
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Cryptocurrency markets are available 24X7X365

Unlike traditional markets, cryptocurrency markets operate around the clock, every day of the year without fatigue. That’s because digital currency systems are fundamentally designed using pieces of software code that are cryptographically protected.
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The operational plan does not involve human intervention. So you are free to trade crypto or invest in digital assets whenever you want. That’s a huge benefit! Cryptocurrency markets are very efficient in this way.

For example, Bitcoin has successfully processed transactions with a 99.98% uptime since its inception in 2009.

Tweet: No paperwork or formalities required

You can invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime without unnecessary terms and conditions.

Unlike traditional investment opportunities, where an incredibly large amount of documentation is required to prove yourself as an “accredited investor”, crypto investing is free for everyone. In fact, that was the intended purpose behind the creation of cryptocurrency. Democratization of finance/money.
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To buy any cryptocurrency WazirX, you need to open an account for which you need to provide some basic details including your bank account information. Once verified, within a few hours, you’re good to go.
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Sole ownership of investments

When you buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you become the sole owner of that particular digital asset. The transaction takes place in a peer-to-peer arrangement.

Unlike bonds, mutual funds, stock brokers, third parties do not “manage your investment” for you. You call it buying and selling whenever you want.
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User autonomy is the greatest benefit of cryptocurrency systems, which offer incredible opportunities to invest “independently” in your main capital and build a corpus.

These were some of the benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies. We hope you find them useful and convincing enough to start your crypto investment journey.

The importance of cryptocurrencies as a medium of financial transactions

Today, the global economy is moving towards a fully digital ecosystem, so everything from money transfers to investments is going paperless. And cryptocurrency is the latest addition to the field of digital payments. Cryptocurrency is basically a medium of exchange like regular currencies like USD, but it is primarily designed to exchange digital information. And here are some of the reasons why cryptocurrency has become so popular in the recent past.

  1. Asset transfers: Financial analysts often define cryptocurrency as a method that can be used to enforce and execute two-party contracts on goods such as real estate and automobiles at some level. Additionally, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is also used to facilitate some specialized transfer methods.
  2. Transactions: In traditional business-to-business methods, legal representatives, agents and brokers can add significant cost and considerable complexity to a simple transaction. In addition, there are brokerage fees, commissions, paperwork and other special conditions that may apply. On the other hand, cryptocurrency transactions are one-to-one affairs, mainly occurring in some peer-to-peer network structures. This results in better clarity in establishing audit trails, greater accountability and less confusion in making payments.
  3. Transaction fees: Transaction fees often take quite a bite out of a person’s assets, especially if the person makes many financial transactions each month. But since data miners mainly crunch the numbers that generate different types of cryptocurrencies, they get paid for the network involved and so transaction fees never apply here. However, you may have to pay a certain amount of external fees to hire any third-party management services to maintain your cryptocurrency wallet.
  4. A more confidential transaction method: Depending on the credit/money systems, the entire transaction history can become a reference document for the participating credit agency or bank every time you make a transaction. At the simplest level, it can be a check of account balances to ensure that the appropriate funds are available. But in the case of cryptocurrency, each transaction between two parties is considered a single exchange, where terms can be agreed upon and negotiated. Also, here the information exchange is done in “push” mode, where the receiver can send exactly what he likes to send. This thing completely protects the privacy of the financial history as well as the threat of identity or account theft.
  5. Easier trading system worldwide: Although cryptocurrencies are mostly recognized as monetary services at the national level, they are not subject to interest rates, exchange rates, transaction fees or any other taxes imposed by a particular country. And using the peer-to-peer method of blockchain technology, transactions and cross-border transactions can be done without complications.
  6. Greater access to credit: The Internet and digital data transfer are the mediums that facilitate cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, these services are available to people with knowledge of crypto networks, workable data connection and instant action to relevant portals and websites. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is capable of making transaction processing and asset transfer available to all willing individuals once the necessary infrastructure is in place.
  7. Strong security: Once a cryptocurrency transfer is authorized, it cannot be reversed like “chargeback” transactions from different credit card companies. It can be fraud coverage that requires a private agreement between the seller and the buyer regarding returns or a mistake in the transaction.
  8. Adaptability: There are about 1200 types of altcoins or cryptocurrencies in the world today. Some of them are rather transitory, but the right proportion is used for specific cases, representing the flexibility of this phenomenon.

Easy ways to buy and invest in Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency system designed to give online users the ability to process transactions using the digital unit of exchange known as Bitcoins. In other words, it is a virtual currency.

The Bitcoin system was created in 2009 by an unknown programmer. Since then, Bitcoin has gained a lot of attention, as well as controversy, as an alternative to the US dollar, the euro and commodity currencies such as gold and silver.

rise in popularity

Bitcoin did not gain much attention in the business and financial world until 2009. It rose to prominence in 2011-2012, when it won more than 300%. Bitcoin has seen a 400% increase in value since August of last year. As a result, venture capital firms and investors around the world continue to place importance on cryptocurrency.

In the first half of 2014, venture capital firms invested $57 million in Bitcoin in the first quarter, and another $73 million in the second quarter, totaling $130 million, which is 50% higher than last year’s $88 million. This is in stark contrast to the scenario of 2012, where Bitcoin companies raised a relatively meager amount of $2.2 billion.

These statistics definitely prove that Bitcoin is worth your investment, which begs the question: How can you buy and invest in Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin Investor’s Guide for Beginners

The easiest and most complicated method of investing in Bitcoin is to buy bitcoins. There are many established companies, mainly in the US as well as abroad, involved in the business of buying and selling bitcoins, abbreviated as BTC.


If you live in the US, Coinbase is the place you’re looking for. Coinbase offers BTC to its customers at a markup of 1% over the existing market price. Residents of the United States have the option to sync their Coinbase wallets with their bank accounts. As a result, future payment transfers are made hassle-free. This company also allows you to buy bitcoin automatically from time to time. For example, if you are interested in buying $50 worth of bitcoins at the beginning of each month, Coinbase allows you to set up an automatic purchase for that amount.

Please read the terms and conditions before using this service. If you are subscribed to an automatic bit coin service, you will not be able to control the price at which BTC is purchased each month. Note that Coinbase does not operate as a Bitcoin exchange, meaning you buy and sell coins directly from the company. Because the company has to pull coins from other buyers, you may experience delays or interruptions in placing orders in the fast moving market.


BitStamp fits the requirements of a traditional bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin acts as an intermediary, allowing you to trade with other users and not with the company. Liquidity is higher here and you always have a good chance of finding someone willing to trade with you. There is an initial fee of 0.5%, which can be reduced to 0.2% if you trade $150,000 within 30 days.

Alternative ways to buy Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins

Exchange is not the only method of investing in bitcoins. Local Bitcoins are often used to buy BTC offline. The website is designed to connect buyers and sellers. Bitcoins are held by the seller in an escrow and can only be released to buyers.

Buying Bitcoins offline is not always very reliable or safe. That’s why it’s best to meet the dealers during the day and let a friend tag along with you in case things go south.

Bitcoin is not just a modern trend. Venture capital firms believe that Bitcoin is a decent substitute for traditional currency in the long run. There are no-nonsense ways to enter the Bitcoin investment arena. As mentioned earlier, Coinbase, BitStamp and Local Bitcoins are the most popular channels for investing in bitcoins in the United States. Do your homework and find out which avenue ticks all your boxes.

Discretionary income options

Making the most of your discretionary income

Discretionary income is what you have left over after paying fixed costs. It’s yours to spend on whatever you choose.


How you spend that money can make a difference in your financial situation, but first we need to know what discretionary income is.


Car operating expenses

The power

The debt

Food etc.

People with some kind of addiction will prioritize their spending so that the addiction is included among the fixed expenses.

As adults everyone has freedom of choice as long as they are debt free, which means that freedom is eroding depending on the level of debt.

The old saying, “The borrower is the lender’s slave,” sums it up.

We all have control over most of our fixed expenses, such as groceries and electricity; we can cut these, but they are fixed with items like prices/rent, but we can still choose to live in a more modest apartment or downsize.

The excess of your expenses is called discretionary income.

Another way to increase your disposable (discretionary) income is to increase your income by getting a part-time job, getting paid work, or selling things online.

Saving your discretionary spending for a greater purpose instead of taking it away gives your life meaning. Instead of letting things happen, you are making things happen. In 10-20 years many people asked what happened.

There is a big difference between saving and investing your money. Savvy investors use their discretion to increase their wealth in higher risk stocks and shares by investing in gold and cryptocurrency. There are enough online platforms where you are able to pour money into these things if you are moving up the investment ladder.

But you might prefer to save it for the holidays and check off an item or two on your bucket list. Closed borders will limit the choice of places, but there are so many wonderful places to visit here in New Zealand, it’s a chance to discover your own backyard.

Some of New Zealand’s most popular activities include trekking Franz and Fox glaciers, soaking in the hot pools at Hanmer Springs, visiting the Marlborough wine region or attending one of the country’s sporting events. One thing I should mention here is the Tranz Alpine Express train journey between Christchurch and Greymouth. It is one of the best train journeys in the world and having experienced it I cannot agree more. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.

When Will Cryptos and Blockchains Really Explode?

Every day there is more news about what can happen, can happen and should happen in the world of Crypto Currencies (CC) and Blockchain. There has been a lot of investment, research and discussion, but coins and projects are still not mainstream. They still haven’t delivered the explosive changes they planned. Many ideas are being discussed and developed, but none have yielded much results. It is likely that major players in the industry, such as IBM, Microsoft and large financial services corporations, will continue to push forward in developing useful Blockchain applications – which the entire world cannot live without.

Financial services are a good target for Blockchain projects because today’s banking systems are based on archaic ideas that have been honestly and painfully digitized, and because these systems are archaic, they are expensive to maintain and operate. Banks have almost a good reason for charging the high service fees they do; their systems are inefficient. These systems have many layers of redundant data, as everyone involved in a transaction must have a version of the transaction details. And then there’s making sure there’s a trusted third party to clear all those transactions, requiring multiple versions of the same data. Blockchain technology promises to address these issues, as each transaction will only be recorded in ONE block of the chain and as it is a distributed database, security and integrity are built in and guaranteed. It will take some time to build trust in these new systems, given that Blockchain transaction verifiers are not the traditional clearinghouses that banks use and trust today. Banks’ confidence in a new technology will take time, and it will take even longer for that confidence to trickle down to consumers.

Another company that could be poised to give CC and Blockchain a big boost soon is Amazon. It looks like Amazon is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency. It’s a company with revenues the size of a good-sized country, and it’s in a position to issue a digital token that’s fully convertible to other CCs, as well as fiat currency. Such a move would allow Amazon to:

  • issue (AMAZON) coins to reward and promote developers on any of its platforms
  • issue coins to consumers to use for in-app purchases
  • issue coins to game players to purchase virtual goods in the game
  • Issue coins to regular customers as part of a loyalty program

Amazon may have the perfect ecosystem of customers and partners to make all of this happen. They have around 300 million customer accounts worldwide, roughly the population of the US, and 100,000 sellers on their platforms, with millions of items for sale. There’s hardly a bigger company than Amazon, with a massive, vibrant economy tied to everything. Amazon’s immediate entry into the world of CC could signal large-scale adoption of blockchain technology by major organizations. If an Amazin coin comes into play then what could be in the corner are things like a DISNEY coin, a DELTA AIRLINES coin, a CARNIVAL CRUISES coin, a HOME DEPOT coin – you get the picture.

Stay tuned!

Digital currency


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. It is also called virtual currency. It is a digital asset that manages its transactions using cryptography, cryptography is used impenetrably and confirms transactions. In many countries, cryptocurrencies are used as alternative currencies. Bitcoin was added in 2009 as the first decentralized cryptocurrency. After that, several cryptocurrencies were launched. These are commonly known as Altcoins. These currencies use decentralized management as a counterweight to centralized digital money and central banking systems.

Distributed management uses a database of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, like a ledger. An encryption device creates decentralized cryptocurrency at a pre-determined price, and communicates it to the public. In centralized banking and the Federal Reserve System, boards of directors or governments manage the issuance of currency through the printing of cash units, and exchange is done with digital ledgers. However, in a decentralized cryptocurrency, companies or governments cannot create new entities or support multiple companies, banks or companies that have an asset.

The Satoshi Nakamoto Group created the technical gadgetry behind decentralized cryptocurrencies. By September 2017, almost a thousand cryptocurrencies had been created, most of them comparable to Bitcoin. In cryptocurrency systems, security, integrity and ledgers are maintained with the help of a group of suspicious parties known as miners, through which the general public is validated using their computer systems and timestamp transactions are maintained using a specific timestamp scheme. . Miners, for economic reasons to preserve the security of a cryptocurrency.

Most cryptocurrencies constantly decrease their currency production, limiting the total amount of currency in circulation and imitating precious metals. Unlike regular currencies that are held through monetary institutions, such as holding cash in stock, cryptocurrencies are difficult for law enforcement to enforce. This problem is due to the use of cryptographic technologies. Law enforcement officials faced this problem in the Silk Road case, in which Ulbricht’s Bitcoin stash was “encrypted.” Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are pseudonymous, although add-ons like Zerocoin have been suggested to offer true anonymity.

Some unknown person or human used the title Satoshi Nakamoto and added Bitcoin in 2009, the first digital currency. SHA-256, a cryptographic hash function, was used as a working scheme there. Namecoin was founded in April 2011. When Litecoin was released in October 2011, the hash function was Scrypt. Cryptocurrency, Peercoin used the hybrid as proof of work. IOTA did not use blockchain, it uses complex. Built on a custom blockchain, the Divi Project allows for effortless buying and selling between funds from a wallet and the ability to use non-publicly identifiable information for transactions. Since then, many unique cryptocurrencies have been created, but only a few have been successful due to a lack of technical innovation.

The first bitcoin ATM was installed in Texas (USA) on February 20, 2014 by the founder of Robocoin, Jordan Kelley. This ATM was identical to bank ATMs, however, it scanned identification such as the user’s passport or driver’s license. scanner support In 2017 almost 1574 bitcoin ATMs were installed in different countries with a common of 3 ATMs per day in 2017.

The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies greatly from country to country and is still pending in many of them. Although some countries have openly permitted its use and trade, others have prohibited it. Additionally, various government institutes have restricted bitcoins in different ways. In 2014 the Central Bank of China banned the handling of bitcoins by Chinese financial institutions. In Russia, however, cryptocurrencies are legal, even if you use a currency other than the Russian ruble to buy goods. The United States Internal Revenue Service allowed bitcoin to be subject to capital gains tax, on March 25, 2014 this ruling clarified the legality of bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin and is it a good investment?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a new digital currency with cryptographic keys that is decentralized on a network of computers used by users and miners around the world and is not controlled by a single organization or government. It is the first digital cryptocurrency to gain public attention and is accepted by more and more merchants. Like other currencies, users can use the digital currency to buy goods and services online, as well as in some physical stores that accept it as a form of payment. Currency traders can also trade Bitcoins on Bitcoin exchanges.

There are some major differences between Bitcoin and traditional currencies (such as the US dollar):

  1. Bitcoin has no centralized authority or clearing house (such as a government, central bank, MasterCard or Visa network). The peer-to-peer payment network is managed by users and miners around the world. Currency is transferred anonymously between users directly over the Internet, without going through a clearing house. This means transaction fees are much lower.
  2. Bitcoin is created through a process called “Bitcoin mining”. Miners around the world use mining software and computers to solve complex bitcoin algorithms and accept Bitcoin transactions. They are rewarded with new Bitcoins created by solving transaction fees and the Bitcoin algorithm.
  3. There is a limited amount of Bitcoins in circulation. According to Blockchain, there were about 12.1 million in circulation as of December 20, 2013. The difficulty of mining Bitcoins (solving algorithms) becomes more difficult as more Bitcoins are created, and the maximum number in circulation is limited to 21 million. The limit will not be reached until approximately 2140. This makes Bitcoins more valuable as more people use them.
  4. A public ledger called the ‘Blockchain’ records all Bitcoin transactions and shows the holdings of each Bitcoin owner. Anyone can access the public ledger to verify transactions. This makes the digital currency more transparent and predictable. More importantly, transparency prevents fraud and double spending of the same Bitcoins.
  5. The digital currency can be obtained through Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin exchanges.
  6. Digital currency is accepted by a limited number of online merchants and some brick-and-mortar retailers.
  7. Bitcoin wallets (similar to Paypal accounts) are used to store Bitcoins, private keys and public addresses, as well as to anonymously transfer Bitcoins between users.
  8. Bitcoins are not insured and are not protected by government agencies. Therefore, secret keys cannot be recovered if they are stolen by a hacker or lost to a failed hard drive or due to the shutdown of a Bitcoin exchange. If the secret keys are lost, the associated Bitcoins cannot be recovered and would be out of circulation. Visit this link for a frequently asked question on Bitcoins.

I think Bitcoin will gain more public acceptance because users can be anonymous while buying goods and services online, transaction fees are much lower than credit card payment networks; the public ledger is accessible to anyone, which can be used to prevent fraud; the currency supply is limited to 21 million, and the payment network is managed by users and miners instead of a central authority.

However, I don’t think it’s a great investment tool because it’s very volatile and not very stable. For example, the bitcoin price grew from around $14 to a peak of $1,200 USD this year, before falling to $632 per BTC at the time of writing.

Bitcoin rallied this year as investors speculated that the currency would gain greater acceptance and rise in price. The currency fell 50% in December after BTC China (China’s largest Bitcoin operator) announced that it could no longer accept new deposits due to government regulations. And according to Bloomberg, China’s central bank banned financial institutions and payment companies from handling bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin will gain more public acceptance over time, but its price is highly volatile and highly sensitive to news (such as government regulations and restrictions) that could negatively affect the currency.

Therefore, I do not suggest investors to invest in Bitcoins unless they have purchased less than $10 USD per BTC, as this would allow. a much larger margin of safety.

Otherwise, I think it is much better to invest in stocks with strong fundamentals, as well as excellent business opportunities and management teams, because the underlying companies have intrinsic values ​​and are more predictable.

Disclosure: Victor Liang has no position in Bitcoins and has no plans to change his position in the next 72 hours.

What is Ripple and why has its value increased so quickly?

With a 35,000% increase in value in 2017 and a market capitalization of over $118 billion, Ripple has become a hotly debated topic among analysts and investors. But what is Ripple? Is it like other cryptocurrencies? Why has it been under fire lately? Read on for answers to these questions.

1. What is Ripple?

Ripple is a payment solutions company founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. Their Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) contains the XRP cryptocurrency. Ripple claims to provide faster, reliable and affordable transaction solutions for financial institutions. The company has created one hundred billion XRP and currently holds 61% of the coins. The current plan is to release a billion coins every month.

2. Differences between Ripple and Bitcoin

Both Bitcoin and Ripple are cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. But, there is a key difference between the two: unlike Bitcoin, Ripple cannot be mined. The currency is not configured as a fiat currency, and its use is fixed on the Ripple network.

Both Bitcoin and Ripple use validator nodes to validate ledgers. Bitcoin has about 10,000 trusted nodes, while Ripple has only five. However, the company plans to add 11 more in the next 18 months. All five validation nodes are controlled by Ripple. XRP has been criticized for not having an independently trusted validator. XRP Ledger is available to everyone, so anyone can download it and become a validator. Many companies run their own nodes on the Ripple network.

3. Reasons for Ripple’s recent price increase

XRP’s recent price rise has a lot to do with the currency’s expected use by financial institutions and investment by gullible investors. Ripple has been successful in winning over banks as customers for its other products. Financial institutions have preferred Ripple’s xCurrent because it offers real-time communication and fast corrections, thereby reducing delays in banking transactions. The company plans to introduce a new product, xRapid, which includes XRP. The new product is seen by banks as an opportunity to use XRP. Investors see the currency’s potential as a means of finance used by banks around the world.

Ripple, or more precisely, XRP, is an up-and-coming cryptocurrency. Bitcoin differs from mainstream digital currency in that its supply is controlled by the founding company. Ripple is talking about what banks will take over in the future. It can be speculated that Ripple’s recent rise in value will fuel further debate about its viability as a cryptocurrency asset.

5 Alternative investment approaches


An alternative investment is a class of investment that is not covered under any Government regulation like RBI, SEBI, IRDA and PFRDA. Refers to a private investment fund: a trust or company.

Here are some alternative investment perspectives that may influence your investment decisions:


You invest to get more money than you started with. It means you’re looking for absolute return: the main focus is how much you actually earned.

Invest in assets that you believe will do well; don’t invest in a product because it is likely to outperform the market. Get your analysis.


When it comes to investments, returns are easy to calculate. Stay focused on risky alternative investment assets as well. Prepare a list of relevant risks. You need to be clear about the risks involved in your investment, as it will help you make a calculated decision.

Also, if something unexpected happens, you will be able to make better decisions if you have thought about the risks before investing.


Understand what will affect your investment returns. While maintaining your investment, monitor the value of your investment.

Constantly review your assumptions about the drivers of return on investment, if they do not match your parameters or expectations, reconsider your investment.


What is not traditional is alternative. An alternative investment consists of investment ideas that are not immediately obvious. For example, cryptocurrency.

Constantly learning, exploring, researching, learning and looking outside your comfort zone is the key to financial success.


Holding a mix of assets that are equally good but behave differently will keep your portfolio’s return intact while also reducing risk.

Diversification means building a portfolio with a wide variety of return drivers and risk parameters, not just different assets.

Most of us see investing in alternative investments as very risky. However, if you want to live a successful and fulfilling life and retire with enough money to enjoy your retirement years, you need to take calculated risks. This includes risks in your relationships, risks in your career, and risks in your investments.

While taking smart, calculated risks is essential to achieving your life goals, remember that taking bad risks and losing them can backfire, sometimes dramatically. However, it may help to remember that taking smart risks is just as easy as making wise decisions.

A framework for making good decisions

I have learned a lot in my life by observing others and through my personal experiences, both good and bad. So when I consider taking a risk in any area of ​​my life, here are the questions I ask myself:

1. What are the risks? be honest Don’t let your emotions prevent you from carefully considering all possible dangers. There are pains.

2. What is the probability of a risk becoming true? Be truthful. Use real data whenever possible by doing research and talking to others.

3. What are the prizes? Be realistic. Can you really quit your day job and dedicate ten hours a week to something and make $100,000 a year? (Probably not.)

4. What are the possibilities of these prizes? Be reasonable. Find out how many others have done something similar.

5. What other options do I have? Be creative. Don’t limit yourself. Consider all options.

6. Do I have to make this decision today? Probably not. Take the time you need to do your research and consider your options.

After you finish answering these six questions, remove your emotions from your decision and ask what your gut is telling you. Also, never forget the danger of the wild card; you don’t know what you don’t know!

Bitcoin Brokers – Understand the benefits of CryptoCurrency trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be spent, saved, invested, and stolen. Trading with Bitcoins used to be considered risky, but current trends show that there has been a lot of success in the binary options sector. This decentralized currency is not owned by any government or central authority.

What determines the price of Bitcoins?

The price of Bitcoin is determined by the ratio of supply and demand. The price goes up when the demand increases, the rate goes down when the demand goes down. Bitcoins in circulation are limited, and new ones are created at a very slow rate. Since it does not have enough cash reserves to move the market price, its price can be very volatile.

Bitcoin trading is popular –

  • Low inflation risk – Inflation is the biggest problem for traders because all currencies lose some of their purchasing power when the reserve banks keep printing more currency. Since the Bitcoin minting system is limited to 21 million Bitcoins, it has almost no effect on inflation.
  • low risk of collapse – Currency fluctuations depend on government trade policies, which sometimes lead to hyperinflation and even currency collapse. Bitcoin is a virtual universal currency that is not regulated by any government.
  • Simple, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments are made peer-to-peer without intermediaries, which is why it is easy and cheap.
  • Easy to carry – Millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins can be carried in your pocket, on a memory stick. This cannot be done with gold or cash.
  • Elusive – Bitcoin issuance is not regulated by any government, so the risk of seizure is zero.

Binary options Bitcoin trading platform

Binary options brokers are becoming aware of the popularity and constant volatility of these Bitcoins. Therefore, they are using this option to offer merchants the latest volatile cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers that offer the cryptocurrency as a trading option include:

  • One Touch Option – Bitcoin trading can be done with AnyOption or One Touch Option. For example, a popular current currency pair is BTC/USD.

  • SetOption – The latest option available for asset trading is BITCOIN/USD.

Bitcoin brokers offer a simple online trading platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand the market action.

The trading screen is simple.

  • Choose price direction (UP/DOWN)

  • Choose a time frame

Is Bitcoin trading safe?

The Bitcoin network is probably the world’s largest computer expansion project. The most common vulnerability here is user error. Bitcoin wallet files can be accidentally lost, stolen or deleted just like any other file in digital form.

However, users can use security strategies to protect their money. Alternatively, you can choose service providers that offer superior security, including insurance against loss or theft.

Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) Advantages

The cryptocurrency market boomed in 2017-2018; the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies reached 700 billion dollars last year. With the huge market potential offered by cryptocurrency, digital currency trading is booming and several crypto exchanges were launched within a year and more are still being developed. Crypto exchanges are platforms where traders can exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) is a cryptocurrency trading platform that will be launched in Q3 2018. PCEX is safe, fast, offers high liquidity and uses a broker channel for added security. The platform is a unique trading solution; offering cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange.

Advantages of PCEX

Multifunctional Exchange Platform

Many crypto exchanges, even prominent platforms, only support crypto-to-crypto trades, forcing traders to conduct their activities on multiple exchanges. Crypto traders first buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat money on a particular platform and then distribute the currency to various trading platforms to ensure liquidity and profit. To convert digital currencies to fiat, traders have only a few platforms to choose from. PCEX is a comprehensive solution that offers high liquidity; crypto traders can do all their trades on a single platform and will also be assured of significant returns.

High liquidity

To promote the liquidity of PCEX’s digital assets, the platform includes all the essential attributes for fast exchange;

Easy user interface to facilitate the transaction process. PCEX is similar to the format of the National Stock Exchange, for your knowledge.

Low transaction fees (PCEX requires little fees to trade on the platform).

Sophisticated buy-sell procedure through a leading matching engine. Trade orders will be linked quickly on the platform.

High caliber order matching

PCEX users are offered a limit trading procedure to buy or sell assets at the price they set; The matching engine will try to improve the sale by matching the user’s trade with a better price for a limited time. The limit time will be set by the traders after which the trade order will be removed from the platform. PCEX has the ability to quickly match orders through a leading order matching engine.

Cheap rates

To trade on PCEX, crypto traders will only pay two fees: transaction fees and withdrawal. The transaction fee of PCEX is much lower than the fees of other platforms that offer similar services. A significant portion of transaction fees goes to PCEX brokers and sub-brokers; the platform will receive a smaller portion of the cut.

Broker and Sub-Broker channels

Crypto-trading brokers and sub-brokers is a unique feature of the PCEX trading platform. Crypto exchange platform traders usually have poor customer support and slow reaction time. PCEX solves this drawback by using a fleet of brokers and sub-brokers to personally assist traders with each trade. PCEX traders will be assigned a single point of contact who can be contacted at any time for assistance. There will be no dark periods of no response with PCEX.

Through the broker channel and exceptional services, PCEX aims to build long-term relationships with users. The broker channel also adds a layer of security to the platform.

Great Security

By the way, PCEX has several layers of security. The platform has a Clark-Wilson Model of security architecture to ensure data integrity. The security system will verify that the PCEX information is supported, preventing data breaches all together. Secure platform operations require auditors to cooperate; devices and identities are there to protect the website. PCEX provides crypto traders with an impenetrable level of security and keeps traders’ identity and digital assets safe from hackers and accidental losses.

All PCEX users, brokers and sub-brokers must complete the KYC/AML protocol; PCEX is preparing for future regulations. Traders can also ensure legal behavior on the platform.


Cryptocurrency trading is a volatile environment with prices falling and falling almost daily. Price volatility depends on country or state regulations, security, vendor acceptance of digital currencies, major players, etc. Cryptocurrency trading offers a much higher return on investment than traditional; early investors in cryptocurrencies made millions in profits in 2017-2018.

To support the growing demand for digital currencies and digital currency trading platforms, PCEX adopts an advanced framework with full-service tools. Everything a crypto-trader could ask for to make trading smooth and effortless is available at PCEX. Indeed, PCEX goes the extra mile.

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