About the Preservation Fund


The PG Preservation Fund benefits the people and places in our community for generations to come.


Preservation Georgetown (PG) establishes a fund dedicated to preservation of historic structures within the greater Georgetown area. The fund will be administered by the PG Board to promote the importance of preserving historic structures, to operate a grant program to assist with the cost of preserving structures listed on the City of Georgetown's 2007 Historic Resource Survey, as amended, and to carry out other projects to preserve historic structures.


The Preservation Fund will be managed by the PG Treasurer in accordance with PG by-laws. Preservation Fund monies will be kept in a bank account separate from other PG funds and accounted for separately on the books. Accounting procedures will be established such that records show funds as being encumbered when commitments are made in order that new commitments will be approved only from unencumbered funds.

Funds will be sought from multiple sources. Donations will be solicited from PG members and members of the community specifically for the Preservation Fund. As resources permit, funds may be allocated from the general funds of PG through the annual budget or by special action of the PG Board as provided in the bylaws. PG may apply for grants from other entities.


Preservation Fund Contribution Levels

  • CONSERVATOR $1,000-$2,499
  • DONOR UP TO $999

All contributions are welcome! All gifts to the Preservation Fund are 100% tax-deductible.