No more excuses for small business owners for not developing their business

When you talk about business-related issues, solutions, and technologies, you almost always group businesses both small and large. Although the division exists, it would not be a mistake to say that in today’s digital-dominated world, it should not be a problem for small businesses to compete with large ones. Large corporations have the advantage, no doubt, of more resources. However, there was no time in the past when growth and expansion were as easy for small businesses as they are today.

Digital marketing for everyone

Digital marketing starts with a website today. When it comes to website design, more money doesn’t always mean better design. If you work with the right people and understand your requirements, your website can be just as impressive as a big business website. In fact, internet users today are more simplistic than websites with a focus on the information they are looking for rather than on glamor and glamor.

As for social media marketing, there is no difference in the size of the market that small and large businesses should focus on. They’re both focused on a global audience, and how good they are at it isn’t determined by how much money they invest in their marketing efforts. Social media marketing is free marketing, so there is no excuse for those who have more resources.

And if you believe that large corporations rank first in search engine results, you always have a better and more effective niche for competition – local. With local search engine optimization, small businesses can compete with medium and large businesses head-on. Simply put, regardless of the size of the business, today everyone has access to the same market and the same people. It matters who does it better.

Digital solutions are available specifically for small businesses

When it comes to software solutions for business, the focus is no longer on large corporations. Today, all types of software solutions have their own versions created specifically for small businesses. These digital solutions allow small businesses to cut costs and use the same technologies that large companies use.

Take the example of CRM. At one point, there was a belief that customer relationship management software was only for large enterprises, but today that has changed. Web CRM is a discovery for small businesses. First, these CRMs provide excellent solutions for marketing, database, customer service and sales. Second, they are incredibly affordable. If you own a small business, you don’t even have to worry about software integration, hardware compatibility, upgrades and upgrades, etc. Keep in mind that with your own decisions it is the costs that make it difficult for small businesses to grow financially.

Thanks to web-based solutions designed for small businesses, you can now access world-class CRM for a fractional monthly or annual price. Other digital solutions available include invoicing software, accounting software, payroll software, etc.

Customers have power in their hands

The internet has given customers opportunities like never before. It cannot be said that just because a business is located in several countries, it will be impressive enough for people to buy its products. The strange thing about the modern economy is the power that customers have. Internet review sites, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. are one of many platforms that allow customers to learn more about the business. In fact, even Google now places business rankings and customer reviews right in the search results.

This means that if a customer is looking for a business today, he / she can already see the reputation of the product they are going to buy. In addition, negative customer feedback can greatly affect business sales, giving other businesses the opportunity to claim their name.

Moreover, not only product quality is important today. In today’s world, businesses are fighting for the best use of customers. If your business can give customers the experience they are looking for, your growth is inevitable despite the small size of your business.

Funding is not an issue for startups

Starting days are always important for business. If you are a startup, you are looking for ways to finance your business to realize your idea and hone your product / service according to customer requirements. Finding a platform where you could connect with investors has been a problem in the past. This is no longer a problem.

With our same websites, small businesses find it easier than ever to connect with investors and get the right amount of investment that puts them on the path to growth. These are websites that are a bridge between investors from around the world and startups. With traditional banks and lenders you are limited only by the local audience of investors. If you can’t find an investor in your local market, your hopes are almost dead.

With online financing websites, all you need to do is create a compelling presentation that explains to investors the prospects of your startup and its scale. Your presentation, along with all the necessary information that you think investors should see, is on a website where hundreds and thousands of investors see it. If you have done your homework and have a team of professionals on board, getting the right investment takes just a few hours or days.

Concluding remarks

You see, today’s small business can overcome almost all of its problems much more effectively. Starting a business has become so easy that today even students can become entrepreneurs. They can lay the groundwork for business using only their pocket money. From connecting with the right investors to reducing operating costs – everything can be done without leaving the house. The only thing that makes a difference today is if you are confident enough to take the first step.

5 facts about Forex trading

In terms of market size, the Forex market is without a doubt the largest market in the world. It boasts an average turnover of over $ 4 trillion a day. Over time, this large but decentralized market became extremely popular. This is primarily due to a number of innovations in the world of technology over the past few decades. Today, with the help of technology, millions of traders can enter the foreign exchange market. If you are new to this market, below are 5 facts that can give you a deeper understanding of this business world.

1. Small profits add up

Although Forex is one of the major markets in the world, most traders do not make huge profits at first. First, they analyze the market and make a few deals with small amounts of money, earning a small profit. Over time, small profits add up. This type of trader has extensive trading experience.

In fact, your goal should be to use the right strategy to continue earning without suffering large losses.

2. Important choice of a reputable broker

For a return on investment the Forex market offers an endless pool of opportunities. But it is very important that you sign a contract with a good reputable broker. By good we mean a broker who is regulated and licensed. To make sure you hire a professional and reputable broker, you need to conduct proper research. They should offer different types of services including good customer support.

3. Emotions are not important

By its nature, trading is an emotional event because your hard-earned money is at stake in a market that is volatile and unpredictable. But if you enter the market with an emotional mood, you will more often suffer from failures. In fact, when you are emotional, you tend to make rash decisions.

If you don’t want this to happen, you can compose a trading strategy based on a trial trading account, which is known as a demo account. In fact, learning to trade objectively is only possible if you put your emotions aside while trading. This will increase your chances of a regular return on investment.

4. Insider trading is a false belief

Contrary to what most people may have told you, there is no truth in insider trading in the Forex trading market. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that you need to make decisions based on current market conditions and the latest news. In other words, there is no magic way or shortcut to making a profit.

5. A simple strategy works better

Finally, if you are looking for a solid approach to success in this trading world, you should use a simple strategy rather than a complex one. In other words, you need to choose a simple but proven strategy based on in-depth market analysis. You can apply this strategy throughout your trading career.

Where are social networks moving in 2020?

Trends in social networks for observation

Social media marketing strategy is in the minds of many small business owners. And if not on yours, then it should be!

Major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are fighting for market share, adjusting their business models to balance shareholder revenue gains with an improved user experience.

As these platforms evolve, so will the way you use them for small businesses.

Let’s look forward to some ways to promote your business on social media in 2020.


More than 18 months later, the Federal Trade Commission officially ruled that Cambridge Analytica had deceived Facebook users. The company obtained the personal data of millions of Facebook profiles without people’s consent and then used them for political advertising purposes.

While Cambridge Analytica went bankrupt shortly after the scandal, Facebook is still working hard to tighten data access processes and persuade people to trust its new dedicated news platform.

Facebook has deployed Facebook News for a subgroup of people in the US. This means that while you will still see messages from family and friends in your main feed, Facebook News will post content from a team of journalists (Facebook staff).

This year, the company is also focusing on cryptocurrency and creating a Facebook Pay feature. This may mean that your small business may soon include platform sales in your account.

Although the launch of Facebook Watch did not go as expected (only 140 million people watch videos and shows daily, which sounds huge, but not compared to the 1.6 billion daily active platforms in total). However, it looks like Facebook will make another attempt in 2020, so let’s see what that means for video marketing.

What do these changes mean for your social media marketing strategy?

Will have to wait and see. The more patented content a company creates, the more marketers can struggle to stay visible.


The company recently announced that it is suspending political advertising, and is updating its global privacy policy to give users more information about what data advertisers can obtain.

We are also interested in what Dentley Davis, vice president of design and research, had in mind, his recent report on a number of changes that may take place on the platform as early as next year.

How will this affect how you promote your business on social media?

You may have the ability to limit the number of retweets of your tweet (I don’t see entrepreneurs enjoying a special feature, we love our retweets!), As well as the ability to tweet anything to a specific group based on their interests.

Learn more about how to use Twitter hashtags.


Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional networking platform.

Microsoft acquired the platform for $ 26.2 billion in 2016, and with access to Microsoft resources, we’ve seen updated professional ideas and more targeted advertising.

We’ve also seen LinkedIn groups come back.

The LinkedIn group allows your business to create a discussion board related to your industry. This gives you the opportunity to create a special interest group with like-minded people who match your products, services and / or experiences.

Groups also provide great visibility for your business, as each member who is part of your group will have your logo in profile. Group owners also now have the ability to host different types of media, such as images and videos, and instant notifications allow you to talk in real time.

The Executive Suite has over 300,000 members and brings together executives through web series, practical tips and discussion boards.

What do LinkedIn groups mean for your small business?

Hopefully this is the best way to strengthen a sense of community, find candidates for open positions and gain brand visibility.


You may remember that Instagram tested the removal of likes in several countries, including Australia, Japan, Italy and Ireland. Likes aren’t gone – in the US and Canada you can still view the number of likes in your photos and videos – just not on other people’s posts.

So where did it come from? Instagram, owned by Facebook, has long been dealing with people who use hacks and workarounds. Mostly it comes from bots and unscrupulous companies that manipulate the program to make themselves or other users more popular than they actually are. So this is an attempt to make Instagram more authentic.

Instagram says, “We hope this test will take the pressure off how many likes the post will get so you can focus on sharing what you like.”

While many entrepreneurs and small businesses are good at this, influential people and video marketing agencies are not.

How can they show a business how popular it is? How will they demonstrate commitment?

But for the average small business owner who doesn’t buy likes and doesn’t play with the system with boots, this can be good.

If your social media marketing strategy includes compelling content, and you’re happy to focus on commenting and increasing subscribers, you’ll be fine.

Although IGTV started slowly, it is now considered one of the biggest trends on social media. After Instagram announced earlier this year that Instagram would allow one-minute previews of IGTV videos on Instagram’s main feed, users (and companies) began to pay attention to it.

Unlike your other Instagram videos, IGTV videos can last 10-60 minutes. This provides a great video marketing opportunity for interviews, behind-the-scenes features and more.

Since we can now add album-oriented videos as well, I’m adding my Business Edge Show videos that are getting a lot of attention.

These are just some of the changes that can be expected on major platforms this year. I am sure that there will be many more in a year, because everything is always changing!

To effectively promote your business on social media in 2020, it is important not only to understand social media trends, but also to accept them.

If you find it difficult to stay up to date with social media, consider hiring an agency that can create strategies that will fit your needs and goals with social media so you can focus on building your business.

What is Bitcoin?

Over time, bitcoins have become a very famous and popular form of currency. However, what is Bitcoin? The next article will look at all the features of this currency that originated out of nowhere and spread like wildfire. How is it different from ordinary currencies?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, it is not printed and never will be. They are conducted electronically and it is also not controlled by anyone. They are produced by people and businesses, creating the first form of money in history, known as cryptocurrency. While conventional currencies are found in the real world, bitcoin passes through billions of computers around the world. From bitcoin in the US to bitcoin in India it has become the world currency. However, the biggest difference from other currencies is that it is decentralized. This means that no particular company or bank owns them.

Who created it?

Satoshi Nakamoto, a software developer, proposed and created Bitcoin. He saw this as a chance to get a new currency in a market free of central government.

Who prints it?

As mentioned earlier, the simple answer is no one. Bitcoin is not a print currency, it is a digital currency. You can even make transactions online using bitcoin. So you can’t produce an unlimited amount of bitcoins? Absolutely not, Bitcoin is designed to never “mine” more than 21 million bitcoins in the world at once. Although they can be broken down into smaller numbers. One hundred million pieces of bitcoin are called “satoshi”, after its creator.

What is Bitcoin based on?

For appearance and normal use, Bitcoin is based on gold and silver. However, the truth is that bitcoin is actually based on pure mathematics. It also has nothing to hide, as it is open source. So everyone can look into it to see if it works the way they claim.

What are the characteristics of bitcoin?

1. As stated earlier, it is decentralized. It is not owned by any particular company or bank. Every software that extracts bitcoin makes up a network and they work together. The theory was, and it worked, that if one network failed, money would still flow.

2. It’s easy to set up. You can create a Bitcoin account in seconds, unlike large banks.

3. It is anonymous, at least the part that your bitcoin addresses are not associated with any personal information.

4. It is completely transparent, all transactions using bitcoins are shown on a large chart known as a blockchain, but no one knows that it is you, because it is not associated with names.

5. The commission for the transaction is insignificant, and compared to the bank’s commission, the rare and small fees charged for bitcoin are almost nothing. It’s fast, very fast. Where you also send money, they usually come a few minutes after processing.g. This is undeniable, that is, once you send your bitcoins, they will disappear forever.

Bitcoin has changed the world a lot and the way we see money. Many people are wondering if it is possible to live on bitcoins. Some have even tried to do so. Despite this, bitcoin is now part of our economy, a unique currency, and it will not disappear any time soon.

Discretionary income choice

Get the most out of your discretionary income

Discretionary income is what you have left after paying a fixed cost. You can spend on what you choose.

But …

The way you spend this money can affect your financial situation, but before that we need to find out what is discretionary income.

Rent / betting

Car maintenance costs



Grocery, etc.

People with any kind of addiction will prioritize their spending so that addiction is included in their fixed costs.

Every adult has freedom of choice when he has no debts, which means that their freedom is eroded depending on the level of debt.

Summarizes the old saying: “The borrower – the slave of the lender.”

We all have some control over most of our fixed costs such as food and electricity; we can cut them, but with items like rates / rent fixed, but even then we can choose to live in a more modest apartment or reduce the size.

Exceeding your expenses is called discretionary income.

Another way to increase your disposable (discretionary) income is to increase your income by getting a part-time job, getting a higher paying job or selling things online.

Keeping your discretionary expenses for some bigger goals, instead of spending them, gives your life a certain meaning. Instead of just letting things happen, you do it. Many people after 10-20 years wondered what had happened.

There is a big difference between saving your money and investing it. Astute investors use their judgment to increase their wealth by investing in riskier stocks and stocks, gold and cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of online platforms where you can invest in these things if you are still climbing the investment ladder.

But then you may prefer to save on vacation and mark one or two items on your list. Closing the border will limit your choice of places, but here in New Zealand, there are so many fantastic places to visit that it is an opportunity to discover your own backyard.

Among the most popular activities in New Zealand – landing on the glaciers of Franz and Fox, diving into the hot pools of Hanmer Springs, visiting the wine region of Marlborough or attending one of the sporting events across the country. One thing I have to mention is the Tranz Alpine Express train ride between Christchurch and Greymouth. It’s considered one of the best train journeys in the world, and having survived that, I don’t mind. It should be on everyone’s list.

How Bitcoin works

Bitcoins are a decentralized form of cryptocurrency. This means that they are not regulated by a financial institution or government. So, unlike a traditional bank account, you don’t need a long list of documents such as an identity card so you can set up what is known as a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallet is something you will use to access your bitcoins and send bitcoins to others.

How to set up an account

You can purchase a bitcoin wallet from a bitcoin broker such as Coinbase. If you open a wallet through a certified broker, you are given a bitcoin address, which is a series of numbers and letters, similar to the bank account number and a private key, which is also a series of numbers and letters. which serve as your password.

How bitcoin works as an anonymous payment processor

You can do 3 things with bitcoins, you can make a purchase, send money anonymously to someone or use them as an investment. More and more merchants are accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. By using bitcoin instead of cash, you are essentially making this purchase anonymously. The same goes for sending money, based on the fact that you don’t need to make a mountain of payments to anonymously set up bitcoin, in fact, you can send money to someone else anonymously.

How bitcoin works as an investment

The value of bitcoin fluctuates from time to time. To put things in perspective, back in early 2013, the average price of bitcoin was about $ 400 per bitcoin, but by the end of 2013, the price of bitcoin had risen to more than $ 1,000. This meant that if you had 2 bitcoins worth $ 800 in early 2013 and you kept them as an investment until the end of 2013, those two bitcoins would cost more than $ 2,000 instead of $ 800. Many people keep bitcoins due to the fact that their value fluctuates.

Bitcoin casinos and poker sites

Because of the anonymity of bitcoin, the gambling industry has taken bitcoin as a method of payment. Both bitcoin casinos and bitcoin poker sites come to life and offer their players to make deposits, play with bitcoins at tables and withdraw directly to their bitcoin wallet. This means that there are no taxes or opportunities for state control. Just like a regular Nevada casino where you don’t need to register anywhere and all your transactions are anonymous.

How to send bitcoin

In order to pay for goods and services or send a bitcoin to an individual, you need 3 things. Your bitcoin address, your private key and your bitcoin address. From now on, through your bitcoin wallet, you will post 3 pieces of information that are: entry, balance and exit. Input refers to your address, balance – to the number of bitcoins you are going to send, and output – is the address of the recipient.

The reason for the collapse of Bitcoin

We all knew the time when 1 bitcoin cost more than $ 13,000 and then it suddenly crashed and now cost only $ 6,000.

It seems people never know or understand the reason for this fall, and I will explain it to you.

From the beginning, the developers created a total number of bitcoins, and once it became valuable, more had to be generated. You all misunderstood? Let me explain better.

So imagine that from the beginning, bitcoin developers first generated 10,000,000 bitcoins. Now these 10,000,000 bitcoins were distributed to individuals, so when 10,000,000 bitcoins already belonged to individuals around the world, their value began to rise.

Now the developers have seen that their cryptocurrency has become more valuable, but it is owned by fewer individuals, and more needed to be generated so that more people could own it.

And what is the best way to generate more bitcoins?


1 bitcoin = $ 13,000.


10,000,000 bitcoins = $ 130,000,000,000.

So the internet is $ 130,000,000,000.

Then the idea came to the developers !!

Let’s lower the price of bitcoins, use the rest of the amount to generate more bitcoins.

These are:

Since BitCoin has created $ 130,000,000 online, lower the price and get more.

I mean

1 bitcoin = $ 13,000, then now

1 bitcoin = $ 6,000

Thus, 2.2 bitcoins can be generated from 1 bitcoin.

Now the question is, where is bitcoin generated again?

It’s everywhere on the internet !!!

It is on every website you visit.

It is in every social networking platform.

Its anywhere in the world !!

Its in North America.

Its in South America.

Its in Africa.

Its in Asia.

It is in Europe.

It is scattered everywhere !!!

All you need to do is start Mining.

How to start extracting this cryptocurrency now?

There are many bitcoin mining programs that I recommend Web’Miner.

This is software developed by the Chinese organization “Soft Tech Geeks”. I use it a lot, I extract it whenever I want, and I earn a lot from it.

Some will say why is he sharing this now?

Some will say: if it’s so easy, then why not one of mine? So you can get it all for yourself.

Well, the developers are smart, they put a limit on mining. The idea was not to have it in one person or in a certain group of people.

The idea was for everyone in the world to own this cryptocurrency.

If you need help mining Bit Coin, you can contact


Thank you

What is Bitcoin? A short and informative guide

A cryptocurrency that continues to fascinate the world, the first of its kind, Bitcoin was once a perfectly cool realm of technical geniuses who sought to uphold the philosophy of maximum autonomy, but Bitcoin has a chance to become famous with the promise of a broad consumer base. But uninformed consumers have a question. So what is Bitcoin? Some really haven’t figured out this overly volatile cryptocurrency yet. Formed and stored electronically, Bitcoin is actually a form of digital currency. The network can not be controlled by anyone, the currency is decentralized. He appeared in 2009 as the brainchild of a man with the fictional name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Using P2P technology to function, bitcoin has a distinctive and flexible feature to capture everyone who is interested. His worldwide recognition is a feature that adds to his popularity.

Without accountability to anyone, bitcoins are quite unique. Bitcoins are sovereign with their clear rules, and are not printed secretly by any bank, but are mined, they are produced digitally by a large number of people involved in a colossal network or community. Miners typically use huge computing power, and a lot of competition is involved in Bitcoin mining. Computers work to solve complex mathematical problems. Competing miners also have the prospect of earning bitcoin in the process by simply solving the problem. Although the level of complexity of these problems is becoming more intense every day. Transactions in the Bitcoin network are relentless and continuous, and tracking of these transactions is fairly systematic. The Bitcoin network stores it methodically, as during a given period of time all transactions are collected in a block. The miner has to check the transactions, and everything is listed in a general ledger, which is just a set of blocks called a blockchain. The blockchain actually contains the key to the details of any transaction made at different Bitcoin addresses.

Integrating bitcoin into people’s lives is the most desirable thing right now. This is quite easily achieved with the advent of exchanges. Bitcoin enthusiasts can have a great choice if they want to buy this digital currency. The Bitcoin exchange allows consumers to buy or sell bitcoins using fiat currencies. Exchanges in large numbers, but originally Mount Hawks was the most famous and widely used before its collapse. With the help of exchanges, consumers can buy or sell bitcoins by wire transfer, cash or credit / debit card payments. Exchanges offer a secure trading platform in real time. Enthusiasm and relentless frenzy always accompany Bitcoins. With many enthusiasts looking to trade bitcoins, the young currency and all the surrounding madness seems to be growing every day. All the knowledge associated with it seems to be as important as the currency itself. In general, the value of the Bitcoin wiki, a stand-alone project, cannot be denied. It will act as a repository of knowledge for bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

Copyright copyright

It’s hard to define a more personalized statement or method of collaborative support than using our bodies as canvases that forever mark the skin. Tattoo artists can be one of the most prolific producers of works of art. The tattooed compositions of their clients are wider and more visible than the work done, perhaps, in any other medium. However, in the field of tattooing it is rare to conduct a sufficiently detailed or serious analysis of the activities as well as the related technological and socio-economic implications.

Let us turn briefly to an article from New Zealand. As is most common in online tattoo-related articles, content often serves primarily as a promotional tool for images that promote ink as a practice and are then sprinkled with quotes from a few people who can be easily contacted. [often just mainstream] artists. However, the implications of copyright tattoo design and related forms of body art should be explored, in particular tattoo designs, which should be studied in more detail:

“Tattoo artists who call for copyright in their work | There is an unwritten rule in New Zealand – decent tattoo artists do not copy designs. The 1994 Copyright Act is now under review, and artists behind the ink say more Strict legislation can protect original tattoo designs. Indigenous House founder Gordon Toy will advocate for the protection of tattoos. “I would like to see some management of Maori tattoos and Polynesian tattoos … there is so much exploitation.” without talking to the New Zealand artist, he said.

“The reset is probably the hardest thing to protect with copyright because everyone is copying it.” Pacific Tattoo owner Tim Hunt wanted artists to respect the importance of cultural patterns and symbols of Maori and the Pacific. “Any artist can say I can make you a design that has a chorus and looks Maori,” Hunt said.

“But if you want something real, you have to go somewhere else.” Abroad, tattoo artists sue when their images appear in the media, such as television. In 2011, the tattoo artist on the face of Mike Tyson, inspired by the Maori, sued Warner Bros. for depicting a similar image of a person on a character in “The Hangover: Part II.” If copyright law protected cultural images, Hunt would respect those changes. “I want more tattoo artists to stand up and say, ‘I don’t know enough about this, I don’t know the story behind it, and I don’t know the context behind it.’ Abroad, tattoo artists repeat images without thinking.

New Zealand was different, he said. “It’s some kind of unspoken code in New Zealand that you just don’t do.” Hunt believed that the tattoo belonged to the client, not the artist. Union Tattoo owner Craigie Lee agreed that there is an unwritten code of conduct that does not allow copying a non-standard tattoo. Decent artists would not dare to make money on someone else’s design, he said. Auckland University assistant professor Alex Sims said that technically what is happening in New Zealand is probably copyright infringement – under the banner of works of art. However, Sims warned against strict enforcement of copyright laws on tattoos, which may include removing tattoos, preventing tattoos from appearing in movies and commercials, or requiring the removal of tattoos from social media. “This will give the copyright owner the right to control the images. Man, which would be very exciting and just wrong.”

Tattoo against art

To use tattoos in the world, you need to distinguish between copyrights, designs or tattoos. We turn to professional tattoo practitioners as their sustainable, primary source of income.

Tattoo artists may have multiple images and other as yet unused media content, such as designs, compositions, sketches, or non-standard works of art. Like representations of various traditional arts, they are relatively easy to record as well as download, allowing for a clear digital attribution of copyright ownership.

Separately, as worn by clients, tattoo artists usually have briefcases with tattooed items. The use of three-dimensional canvas presents difficulties in automated digital identification. In many image copyright tracking software, positioning alone can completely repel investigative techniques. While Instagram and alternative photo upload databases offer some form of time-stamped verification, but due to relatively openly editable structures the subsequent source assignment and ownership may decrease. The first practical difference is whether the work of the tattoo artist is recorded on the skin or on another type of canvas.

An artist against technology

In order for copyright opinions to be properly considered, the group serves as an initial categorization for the tattoo industry. On one side of the creative spectrum of tattoo art are those tattoo masters who are just realizing their style and technique.

By refusing to reflect on how a tattoo artist’s styles and aesthetics could be derived or inspired, a tattoo artist’s work can be independently recognized as “theirs”. In a sense, the tattoo artist has a stylistic monopoly.

In proportion to other creative means, a tattoo artist has a special vision, knowledge and or experience that cannot be easily replaced or by someone else. Thus, a tattoo artist can be classified as a tattoo craft practitioner to convey a unique style and / or promote the continuation of a single aesthetic or technique.

Tattoo technicians can have different portfolios of completed, tattooed works. While tattoos in such portfolios cannot be accurately replicated, such unique quality attributes are driven primarily by placement on a custom-made canvas, i.e. on one completely separate person. The cohesive result is custom-made, not the isolation of the composition. Similarly, such a tattoo is formed in certain, often non-reproducible proportions. The resulting tattoo can indeed be accurately reproduced by any number of other tattoo technicians, albeit on another exclusive canvas.

And as a proportionately qualified technician in any field, a tattoo technician can be replaced without internal loss or deterioration of results. A technician is a tattoo artist who is physically and technically capable of applying categories of tattoos, but can do so indiscriminately in relation to a single style, size, technique, aesthetics and or design. Limiting factor, not artistic temperament or vision.

Tradition versus technology

One can think of tattoo artists [as just two examples from millions] Ondrash conveys to Harios III in Japan a unique aesthetic, continuing the rich cultural art of the camp. Being solely under the jurisdiction of the tattoo artist, the distinction between authorial unique compositions as opposed to reproductions of traditional iconography forms another noteworthy section.

Like any configuration in more classic mainstream media such as painting, such a dichotomy does not mean that the art of tattooing itself does not necessarily sink to one side. As in all art classes, sources of inspiration, as well as subjectively substantiated conclusions that the same compositions, marked by some as “respect” or “theft”, must be objectively qualified in any way. As they often say, good artists copy – great artists steal. In practice, though, a tattoo artist who creates traditionally inspired works may automatically and logically be deprived of the right to register tattoo art from human canvas.

Copyright versus claims

There may be a dual purpose in registering copyright. First, it functions as an externally verified third-party acknowledgment of commissioned or attributed authorship. It adds credibility, weight and credibility to the content. Last but not least it often contributes to pricing.

Second, the purpose of property registration may be to prepare for the cataloging of the procedure when initiating formalized legal protection. However, these processes require the identification of the offender (s), interaction with them, refusal to register, and then successful conviction in a manner limited to their geographically applicable court (s). The quantification of the remuneration to be received depends on the precise identification of the infringer, the documented use of the content to be found, the guilt established through the response and the achievable legal consequences, partly determined by physical location. All form notable complicating factors.

Confession against defense

It is considered common for a tattoo artist to use samples or even completed tattooed parts of another’s portfolio. While most accredited tattoo works are searchable online, large volumes available through a variety of sources destroy attempts at a single point [i.e. one tattooist’s] lending. Illegal or unauthorized use of tattooed works may only be in printed or offline portfolios, such as those shown to studio studios. Tattoos often serve as an individual and private art form.

Thus, online display and thus essentially public “registration” of tattooed works may intentionally not exist. Its owner could demand it.

These factors culminate in the ability of tattoo technicians dealing directly with individual clients to potentially be quite liberal in statements of work performed, as well as, further, on claimed experience or knowledge in tattooing.

In a practical sense, motivations or incentives for copyright registration for tattoos are more widespread for the tattoo artist and perhaps only as a form of registration of completed portfolios for the technician. Although achievable rewards or punitive measures against copyright infringers are far from universally predictable, focusing on the digital time stamp of both tattoo art and portfolio through blockchain verification is the first step to ensuring authenticity. However, in use the creator now has an unchanging, from one source justification of ownership.

As in the case of decentralized power technology, the ability to redistribute trust to individual sources as opposed to “hubs” equates to the potential introduction of a new standard of performance testing. This is very important for the customer when choosing a process. For tattoo artists, the effects and benefits of copyright ownership through a blockchain are also significant.

The above article: May 28, 2018, Amber-Leigh Wolf on Stuff

Unchainet is a heterogeneous platform for DApp development

It is expected that in 2020 cloud Internet services will exceed $ 500 billion and are now ready for large-scale failures. There are millions of computers that are underutilized without the infrastructure that can support access to this computing power. Unchainet creates a transparent, decentralized as well as cost-effective heterogeneous secure cloud platformthat would usher in a new era cloud cost optimization powered by blockchain technology. Basic technology (Kubernetes, Dockers) allows consumers with container programs to easily switch from other platforms with minimal cost and effort. Unchainet will provide several services, such as a decentralized blockchain platform that allows modular decentralized applications (dApps).

The UNCHAINET team has many years of industry experience, giving them the knowledge to build infrastructure and partnerships for rapid deployment. Using existing familiar infrastructure means that current cloud users will not need to learn new technologies to use the Unchainet network. Baseline blockchain technology adds a missing level of security that is lacking in current cloud platform offerings. With big data like gold of the twenty-first century, protecting your data from miners is a paramount and core feature of the Unchainet platform. Unchainet’s cloud console MVP was launched in the second quarter of 2018, and the team is rapidly moving towards a core network deployment.

The dApp platform ecosystem will pass on new opportunities to future generations decentralized applications. Why should a developer consider building their application on Unchainet PaaS / IaaS platform? The main thing blockchain technology is used to offer a a heterogeneous network of server-class computing resources. The Quality of Service (QoS) the chain monitors network nodes to assess service quality, allowing developers and customers to choose. This choice allows you to perform workloads on the required quality of service and does not force developers and customers to enjoy only one level of service for all. This choice differs from existing homogeneous cloud platforms and allows up to 90% cost reduction through modern IaaS / PaaS platforms.,

The UNET chain provides efficiency, transparency and security between suppliers and customers for fast peer contracts. Existing blockchain transaction rates are too slow for efficient transaction processing. The UNET network is expected to offer 10,000 transactions per second to run and increase speed and efficiency with high-quality nodes. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently trade computing resources using UNET tokens. As the demand for resources on the Unchainet platform increases, there will be a direct correlation of demand for UNET tokens, affecting the cost of UNET.